Parents are a critical component to our program.  While children learn and use the TURNING STONEchoice (TSC) Process in the classroom, it is equally important that they apply what they learn in school outside of the classroom.  Parent involvement provides continued application of their learnings in multiple settings such as home life, sports, activities, etc.  We believe in the adage, “the more you practice, the better you become.” In this instance, the more a child uses the TSC Process, the stronger his/her decision-making skills and self-confidence will become.

Participating schools receive parent materials, communications and workshops throughout the year.

The Conscious Parenting Series

TSC_Parenting_Series_IconChildren are not our only students.  We firmly believe parents benefit by learning our approach to improved problem solving and decision-making skills.  We have a developed the Conscious Parenting Series to create awareness and educate individuals how to better communicate, develop increased self-confidence, and help manage stressful situations. This educational series is offered through a variety of workshops, webinars and articles throughout the year.

Helpful Articles for Parents

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