Angst: Overcoming Freshman Year of High School


Angst, a young adult novel, chronicles the personal stories of three best friends attempting to navigate the perils of freshman year in high school while dealing with the realities of teen life.

Childhood friends, Steven, Sarah, and Johnny test their bonds as they deal with their individual fears and struggles, growing apart over time but reunite in a dramatic conclusion. Steven is coping with the return of his biological father and attempting to prove his worth for his father’s attention and time. Sarah is in her first romantic relationship with an older, mysterious, sophomore and is verbally tormented by a group of girls. Johnny seeks to live up to his father’s legacy on the football field and wrestles with his emotions for Sarah.

Teens face complex challenges that have become increasingly difficult to overcome in today’s society.  Pressures from home, school, sports and friends make it difficult for young adults to make good decisions and form positive self-esteem.  Angst covers relevant topics such as bullying, peer pressure, jealousy, first love, and teen pregnancy while wrapped inside a fast-paced, nothing-is-off-limits story.

Now in its second print, review questions have been added to increase group discussion and reading experience.

Author: Christopher Avery. Publisher: TURNING STONEchoice.

Copyright 2014. Softback book, 260 pages.  $9.99 each